Children’s tableware for the youngest

Children’s tableware is especially suitable for little hands to hold. It is usually smaller than ordinary tableware and is often decorated with motifs and patterns that create interest and appeal to kids. In addition, kids’ tableware is often made of durable materials that can fall to the floor without breaking.

Here at Evon Baby, we have a large selection of children’s tableware with different colors and motifs that the youngest ones in the family will love.

evon children's tableware set

A children’s tableware gift set as a thoughtful present

Are you looking for a gift for new born baby or baby shower? Children’s tableware is a classic gift that both parents and children will enjoy. Several of our children’s tableware come in sets with children’s cutlery, plates, bowls and cups so you can get a complete collection in your favorite style.

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Children's Tableware Set

Which material is best for your kids’ tableware?

Children’s dinnerware is available in several different types of materials, which affects both the appearance as well as how it should be cleaned. Always be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if it is dishwasher and microwave safe children’s dinnerware.

Kids’ silicone tableware

silicone is a durable and robust material that will not break if dropped. It can usually be used in the dishwasher; however.

Children's Tableware Set
Children's Tableware Set

Kids’ dinnerware in plastic

Plastic is a durable material that can typically withstand both the dishwasher and microwave. In addition, plastic is lighter than porcelain tableware which makes it easier for a child to hold. In our assortment, you will be able to find BPA-free children’s dinnerware in a range of designs and colors.